Aim & Vision

Aim &Vision
To bring about an integrated development of the student , i.e to develop student in physically , intellectually, morally, spiritually, emotionally and aesthetically .
To enable the student to discover in their lives a deeper awareness of god , to be open to all religions promoting inter relatedness leading to integration .
To mould free and reasonable citizens who up hold the democratic values of justice, liberty, equality and brother hood emphasized in the Indian Constitutions .
To form men and women who are capable of rendering committed and compassionate service to the society especially to the poor .
To sensitive students towards ecological preservation and restoration .
Every Child that enters the portals of this institution is accepted as sacred trust from god . Its sacred duty is to draw out the ethical dimensions so as to help the students to achieve total moral freedom , based on those absolute values which alone give meaning and value to human life .
Our Vision
As an educational Institution St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School aims at preparing students to become professionally competent citizens who are at the same time concerned about others specially the under privileged in order to build up a just society .
Our Mission
To inculcate in our students the values of
 Love and concern for others
Friendliness and co-operation
Respect for all as children of God Discipline and self control responsible citizenship . Care and concern for the environment
To promote in our students academic excellence
Leadership skills
All round development.